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Guardaroba 16.32

The creative soul, the innovative drive and the experience of Flou have resulted in a stunning range of wardrobes.
The style is immediately perceptible and expressed through the use of precious materials, the precision of the production processes and the extreme attention to each and every component and finish detail.

The 16 cm units, the intelligent rationale of the interior compartments, the wealth of options and the wide selection of doors and handles combine to transform Flou wardrobes into the protagonists of the bedroom, expressing elegance, style and personality.
Flou’s Guardaroba 16.32 wardrobe doors are a concentrate of quality, technology and skilled craftsmanship.
Produced using innovative materials and with patent protection, they are coated with a perfectly continuous surface, free from joints or interruptions. The hinged doors have a five-hinge system. Both the hinged and sliding doors have a soft closing device, for a more gentle closure. There is a choice of doors which can be covered with any of the fabrics from the Flou collection, or doors in wood, mirror panels, finished with a texture inspired by fabric weaves.
An original style choice for a unique design.
Flou’s Guardaroba 16.32 wardrobe collection is oriented to personalization and the expression of individual style, through the addition of a range of components. There is an interesting choice of handles: oval, squared, half-moon.
Or one wardrobe can be fitted with different styles of handles creating something surprising and truly eclectic, a unique creation of personal style.
The excellence of the Guardaroba 16.32 wardrobes lies in the incredible degree of internal versatility, in three finishes: Style, Class ecru and Class caffee.
The choice is endless – drawer units, light shelves, grids, trays, tie and belt drawers and other storage units.
Maximum performance associated with top quality finish and materials.