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Time to Create / Living

For the living room, a palette of colours that transcends neutral shades and embraces mixing and textures rich with personality: shades that reflect the variegated hues of water and become the stylish alternative to the classical greens or blues, to create truly distinctive traits for the furnishings.


A simple sofa in terms of its modularity and shapes, Fiocco invites you to relax and to sink into its softness.

Thanks to the Led lights integrated in the vertical supports, the bookcases CCLight complement the natural illumination, creating suggestive light and shadow effects. The intelligent modular system allows them to slide into spaces or alcoves that would otherwise be difficult to use.

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Tradition and modernity combine to create unexpected and frictionless harmony: positioned in front of the beautifully preserved fireplace, the sofa Fiocco offers the perfect spot for peaceful rest and relaxation in silence.


In the throbbing heart of the home – the artist’s studio – two corner units of the modular sofa MyPlace create an inviting vis-à-vis. The covers in warm earthy tones have a totally natural appearance and are reminiscent of soft, delightful hand-woven fabrics.

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