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The 2016 Collection presented in this catalog is a delightful mixture of products from the Flou and Natevo ranges. In the new collection for the living and sleeping quarters, attention has been focused on new materials, textures and finishes, a drive towards original shapes and an almost obsessively precise and constant care for the finest details.
True to the Flou philosophy, every year the company adds a new chapter to its tale of continuity, quality and beauty.

With the latest additions that expand its 2015 collections, Flou continues along its evolutionary pathway and its famously high standard of wellness in the bedroom has now been transferred to every room in the home.
It is not simply a question of using comfortable products that are esthetically beautiful and well-made; Flou has created wonderful, well-defined collections that afford the clients maximum arrangement freedom; the furnishings respect a vast range of needs and tastes and satisfy the requirements of a home that has distanced itself from a clear-cut division of the space. People now sleep in the living room and work in the bedroom, and vice versa.
And Flou continues to offer Italian quality and wellness to markets around the world.

The Flou 2014 Collection exudes style and quality, perceived objectively, instinctively and formally.
The new products are the delightfully harmonious combination of research, design, high end materials and procedures that combine technology and artisan skills.
We are proud and delighted to present these symbols that epitomize the beauty, the creativity and the exclusively Italian know-how.

Wrapped in the light of a contemporary ambience dominated by clean essential lines and the purity and elegance of white. The unexpected welcome of a minimal ambience that enhances design and unveils the beauty of stark contrasts. Ideal for people who love living under the banner of a new form of simplicity.

The warmth of neutral shades, the intimacy of memory and the harmony of nature. An ambience where materials are the protagonists and tell the story of their hospitality, in a continuous intersection of cultural references. The perfect solution for people who are inspired by the past and the natural surroundings, not in terms of contrast but as a new dimension of harmony.

Unusual contrasts and stylish design are the inspiration for this location where new trends are anticipated and new boundaries of the lifestyle are investigated. For people who are looking for elegantly sophisticated ambiences and who wish to express their glamorous side, every second of the day.

This creates timeless spaces and each period adds something original, through sophisticated combinations, astonishing materials and forgotten shapes. The recovery of traditions that are always contemporary, seductive and surprising, a new living concept for blending styles that are poles apart.

Colored elements that have become icons of design, the absolute protagonists of a dynamic and sophisticated space. An ironic atmosphere that expresses the lighter side of design and reveals a more user-friendly way of living. the perfect complements for people who are focused on a new direction of hospitality, based on the elegance of color.

On the boundary between living and resting, an ambience dominated by the versatility of flou’s convertible beds: chaises-longue and sofas that are transformed into beds, single beds that open into double-beds. The ideal accessory for creating relationships and sharing emotions with soft lines, oriental suggestions and precious fabrics, such as silk.

A space for the younger generation who mature hand-in-hand with the flou single beds. Almost all of the company’s beds are available in a single version and maintain unaltered over time their characteristics of quality and durability. This illustrates that design can follow a person’s evolution and development.