Informative document on the use of personal information - Article 13, Decree Legislation, 30th June 2003, No.196

In compliance with Decree Legislation No.196 dated 30/06/2003 (Privacy Code) and successive modifications, you have been given this form that will inform you on how the information you have given us will be used. This informative document does not apply to other websites you may consult through links present on the Internet sites on the Administrator's server. The Administrator cannot be held responsible Third Party Internet sites. This informative document has been issued in compliance with Art.13 of Decree Legislation No.196/2003, Privacy Code protecting personal information. This informative document reflects Recommendation No.2/2001 published by the European Authorities for the protection of personal information, including the Group formed by art.29 of the EC Directive No. 95/46/CE, to identify some of the minimal requisites for the on-line collection of personal information; and in particular, the methods used, the time intervals involved and the nature of information that the Administrators must provide the users with when they connect to the web-pages, irrespective of the reasons for the connection. These criteria are in addition to what has been stipulated in the EC Directive 2002/58/CE updated by the EC Directive 2009/136/CE , regarding Cookies; it is in addition to the General Security Measures, dated May 8th, 2004 regarding the protection of personal information relative to Cookies and denominated the "Identification of the simplified methods for the informative document and how to obtain consent regarding the use of Cookies".


The Administrator of the personal information treatment, , in accordance with Article 28 of the Privacy Code for the protection of personal information, is FLOU SpA - Via Cadorna 12 - 20821 MEDA (MB) - Italy, through the company's pro-tempore legal representative.

The staff employed in the Administrative and Finance Office c/o the Administrator's premises, are responsible for the treatment of the personal information in accordance with Article 29 of the Privacy Code for the protection of personal information.

2. Type of Information treated

Personal and identification data The information treated can be described as any information relative to a person, who has been identified or who is identifiable, even indirectly, through references to any other information, including a Personal Identification Number (PIN), identification information or any other personal information that will consent the direct identity of the interested party (for example, name, surname, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number etc.). The User's personal information may be used by the Administrator for defense in court or in the preparatory stages leading to legal action resulting from the User's improper use of the same or related to the services. The personal information may be used to define responsibilities in the event of hypothetical computer actions that may damage the site. Maintenance The User's personal information can be used in additional ways and for objectives linked to the maintenance of the site Information provided voluntarily by the User Optional, explicit and voluntary submission of emails to addresses indicated on this site and/or the completion of data collection forms will involve successive data capture of the sender's address and other personal information provided. This is necessary to allow the Administrator to reply to the requests submitted. Cookies The Cookies policy can be viewed by clicking on the following link to open the Cookies Policy as a hypertext connection. link


Personal Information and any sensitive data that you have given voluntarily through the completion of the data collection form will be used for the following purposes, until such times as you remove your consent. A) to receive information requested (for example, cost estimates), and administrative-accounting activities in general; B) marketing activities, and this will also include the use of platforms for the management of mailing lists; C) receipt of personal advertising and promotional messages on the basis of your habits and consumer preferences, including the use of platforms for the management of mailing lists.

4. Methods used for the treatment of personal information. How the information will be stored

Personal information will be treated automatically and/or manually, with methods and instruments designed to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality. The treatment is managed by staff employed for such purposes in accordance with Article 31 (and successive modifications )of Decree Legislation No. 196/03.n The information will be stored for a period of time not exceeding what is strictly necessary for the purpose the information was collected and subsequently treated.


The personal information collected will not be diffused or transferred unless within the limits expressed in this informed consent form; the information may be communicated to companies that are contractually bound to FLOU SpA, to satisfy related contracts or objectives. The personal information may be transferred to Third Parties belonging to the following categories: - companies that provide services for the management of the computer systems used by FLOU SpA and telecommunication networks (including e-mail); - studios or companies that provide assistance and consulting services; - the authorities in order to satisfy the legal requisites and/or the regulations stipulated by public bodies, on request. The individuals or companies belonging to the abovementioned categories are responsible for the treatment of the personal information collected or alternately, they may operate autonomously as independent Administrators to treat the information. The list of people responsible for these activities is constantly updated and available on request from the FLOU SpA headquarters. Any other communication or diffusion or personal information will occur only following the User's explicit consent.


Providing your personal information is optional but essential to satisfy Objective A) if you wish to receive the information requested (for example, a cost estimate). It is also essential if you wish to be contacted by the treatment Administrator. If your personal information is not provided, the Administrator will be unable to satisfy your requests and you will not be able to access the services requested. The information for the objectives stipulated in B) and C) is optional. Failure to provide information and/or consent requested for Objective B) will mean that you will not receive the advertising/promotional informative newsletter; nevertheless, this will not prevent you from benefitting from any of the other services indicated in the previous Paragraph 3 for which you have already given consent, where requested. Failure to provide personal information and/or consent for the objectives stipulated in C) will mean that that you will not receive the weekly personalized newsletter; nevertheless, this will not prevent you from benefitting from any of the other services indicated in the previous Paragraph 3 for which you have already given consent, where requested.


You can assert your rights as expressed by Articles 7, 8, 9, and 10 of the Decree Legislation, June 30th 2003, No.196, by contacting the Administrator, at the FLOU SpA headquarters. You are fully within your rights to request confirmation of the existence (or absence) of your personal information, and to be provided with details of the contents and the origins of such information; you are within your rights to verify the exact correspondence, request the integration, updating or correction of such information. Article 7 of the Privacy Code for the protection of Personal Information In accordance with this article, you can request the cancellation, the transformation into an anonymous format or indicate that the information has been treated in violation of the law; in any case, you can also object to the treatment of your personal information for any legitimate reason. In the event you need to contact the Administrator, please provide your email address, your name, address and/or telephone number to allow your request to be dealt with promptly.


The Administrator reserves the right to modify, update, integrate or remove parts of this informative document on the Code of Privacy, at his discretion and at any time. You should periodically check for any modifications or changes that have been made. To facilitate the control procedures, the date of modification will be published in the document. By using the site following publication of the modifications, you have accepted and consented to the changes.


Our web pages and APPS may contain plug-ins to social networks (for example, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc). If you access any of our web pages carrying a plug-in, the Internet browser will connect directly to the server of the social network and the plug-in will be displayed on the screen thanks to the connection with the browser. Your personal data may be associated with your social network account. Further information on the collection and use of such information by social networks in general, in addition to your rights and the methods available to protect your privacy in this specific context can be viewed on the pages of the social network account associated to data protection. If you do not wish your visit to our website to be associated with your social network accounts, you must log-off from the social network prior to your visit. Details on the Treatment of Personal Data and the services supplied by Third Parties Personal Information is collected for the following objectives and using the following services: interaction with social networks and external platforms. These services allow interaction with the social networks, or with other external platforms. In any case, the interactions and the information collected will be subjected to the privacy criteria that apply to every social network. In the event a service of interaction with social networks has been installed, there is a possibility that even if you do not use the service, it will be able to capture your traffic information relative to the pages on which it is installed. For example:
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