• Novelties 2014
    The Flou 2014 Collection exudes style and quality, perceived objectively, instinctively and formally. The new products are the delightfully harmonious combination of research, design, high end materials and procedures that combine technology and artisan skills. We are proud and delighted to present these symbols that epitomize the beauty, the creativity and the exclusively Italian know-how.
The range of Flou duvets has been developed to maximize quality, comfort and wellness in everyday rest and relaxation. Flou has selected quality raw materials such as goose down, Hungarian goose down and anti-allergenic fibers that keep the body temperature constant and guarantee perfect transpiration.
The password associated with the Flou covers is ‘variety’. There is a selection of 170 covers in fabric, leather, hide or Ecopelle to choose from. They have been designed for easy and complete removal, not only when routine maintenance is necessary but also to change and revitalize the bed and the bedroom completely with a spare set of covers. These features are behind the success of the Flou textile bed, a bed that lasts through the years, a bed that can be changed when and if desired. The collections are updated every year and new covers can even be supplied for beds that are no longer being produced.
The bedlinen collection is of core importance. For this reason, Flou has created a collection that is unique in terms of variety and choice. Quality is always the primary factor: in order to guarantee fabrics with greater resistance to light and washing, Flou has selected procedures with resistant and bright colors - namely Indantrene and the procedure with reactive dyes. All of the bedlinen is soft and silky to touch and includes duvet sets, bedspread sets, sheets, plaids.

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