The fabrics used in the Flou covers are practical and resist numerous washing cycles. Maintenance is straightforward and there is a wide range of colors to choose from. There are more than 140 fabrics available, split according to the weave, the texture and the weight. Plain or patterned fabrics combine perfectly with the Flou bedlinens and duvet sets to ensure that the bed always reflects the personality of the person who sleeps there.



Soft, glossy and particularly resistant to wear and tear, the leather used by Flou is the very highest quality. It is guaranteed by highly-specialized suppliers who source the skins exclusively from European cattle. A range of colors and fi nishes is available: from soft skins that have been treated with aniline to full grain leather to Nabuk and the special prints.



Quality features in the selection of the skins and top level artisan processing. The hide used by Flou is exclusively full grain.
It has a warranty from the top producers and has been sourced exclusively from European herds. In order to maintain the gloss of the hide over time, the tanning process is performed with maximum care and attention, the vegetable dyes used are based on natural-based inorganic elements. A range of water-repellent colors is available, or the hide can be left in its natural tone, if desired.